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Top kontakt libraries

This instrument features very detailed release and fret noises, most likely one of the best free guitar Kontakt library in this list. This is a free 1. Since this is supposed to be a demo version of their premium Kontakt instruments, this orchestral library has a limited set of articulations and a single microphone position, but the same 3 dynamic layers and up to 7 round robins. The developers recorded the full range of each ensemble in unison, from lowest to highest note.

Instruments play together when their ranges overlap and drop out when they reach their limits. Link: Download at output. If you love the warm and massive sound of a full symphonic orchestra, but premium strings Kontakt library cost too much, Sonuscore is giving away these new Kontakt Orchestra Libraries totally free!

The library sounds very warm and has an impressive sound for being a free library. The Kontakt instrument interface is straightforward to control, and each interface comes with only one knob. Playing notes in Low-velocity triggers major chords, and high-velocity triggers minor chords.

In the Sustained String Chords library, the mod allows you to control dynamics, mix sustain and tremolo chords. Both libraries let you play low, mid and high strings separately or play colossal epic chords altogether. The interface is beautifully simple and straightforward. These are definitely some of our two favorite free Kontakt libraries out there.

Must have instruments to take your production to the next level, for free. It serves a purpose and one purpose only, which orchestral rises. And it does it WELL! With every mapped note being a uniquely recorded take of the same length, one has the ability to create a custom riser comprised of only the certain sections, or go all in and create a thundering rise of multiple takes together with zero phasing! This stunning Kontakt sample library and virtual instrument contains playable picking grooves, textures and one shot samples all with 5 mic positions and on board mixer.

top kontakt libraries

Everything is wrapped up in a beautiful and easy to use interface that is a pleasure to look at. On top of it all, the samples used this free library are in the public domain, which means they can be used freely for your own projects. Despite it being a stripped down version of a premium Kontakt instrument, this free library still delivers on usability and sound quality, making this a handy tool that provides excellent results with impressive sound quality.

Aurorror comes with more than 25 unique sound sources, 13 different modulators, an arpeggiator and polystep modes. The instrument allows you to layer up to 3 sounds, each one with its own set of parameters that can be adjusted independently from other layers to better shape your sounds. The Presets can then be easily saved via the Kontakt menu. It comes with 18 presets that you can customize and save. This Kontakt instrument offers four pages of parameters to tweak your sounds. Main Engine, where you can control layers volume, filter along with its types, envelope as well as cutoff and resonance, amp envelope ADSR and pitch envelope.

Effect Engine, where you can add reverb, delay distortion and more. Rythm engine, to create exciting patterns with the arpeggiator.Freebies, freebies, freebies. Before you start buying the most expensive sample libraries check out my list of free sample libraries first. I hope you find the instrument you need here. I subdivided the list into categories of instruments: Guitar, bass, orchestral instruments, keys and piano, drum and percussion, synths, other instruments think of world instruments, tiny instruments, weird instruments and everything elsesample player and instrument collections on some websites there are just too many sample instruments to categorize them.

Feel free to add missing instruments or report broken links in the comment section below!! If you come from a guitar background playing sample libraries with a guitar can be a viable alternative and lots of fun. How about adding the natural velocity of a wind instrument to your MIDI lines?

I hope you could find something valuable on this list. If there are any broken links or you free sample libraries that are not listed please let me know in the comments below! Great selection of freebies. It took me more than a week to collect all […]. Thanks for your great jobing! This very well might be the best post I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank you very, very much. After so many free acoustic piano sample packs available for free, the list of free epiano samples appears to be much smaller.

Perhaps there are a few more dozens of crappy soundfonts available, but following the. I love this list, and I hope it gets updated. Dario, do you know, what you are? A genius!!! You saved houndreds of my dollars literally. Thanks for this nice gigantic collection. It is really really simple but beautiful.

top kontakt libraries

Has one knob, that is the moon on the right side and you can dial in all 6 preset sounds of the Yamaha synth, plus the drums also. Great site here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Subscribe to my newsletter. Freebies, Freebies Everywhere. Free Guitar Samples. Beautiful arped and ambient HQ guitar samples. A must click! Electric ukulele sample pack for kontakt. Several guitar and bass Kontakt libraries.

Go for it! Free Bass Guitar Samples. Free bass guitar libraries.One of the best features of Kontakt however, is the ability to create your own virtual instruments housed within the engine. They are developing truly inspiring instruments and engines that easily rival the Native Instruments content, but with a completely different perspective.

The basic idea here was to build a vocal-based library, but this collection is so much more. Some of the vocal samples have been manipulated to the point where they have morphed into beautiful pads, lush otherworldly atmospheres and unrecognizable synth-like sounds. If you want some vocal one shots to finalize a production those are readily available too. But this instrument is a perfect starting point for finding inspiration. The power and flexibility of this VST is largely enabled by the engine.

This page houses the real guts of the instrument, allowing you to access and edit the source panels, mod rhythm section, mod effects, and insert effects. Additionally, a few global controls in this panel are polyphony, velocity sensitivity, and glide. Between the effects modulated by rhythm panel settings pan, filter, phaser, talk, and saturate and the effects panel tools pitch, dirt, motion, compression, tone, delays, and reverb the possible permutations are endless.

When combined, you have the power to change 24 parameters at once. While each preset has parameters pre-mapped to the 4 macros, you can easily edit these settings. With EXHALE, Output has done an incredible job of providing creators a simple interface with tremendous under-the-hood power making it a must-have for everyone from those who want quick top quality presets to those who want to tweak in depth.

Free Kontakt Libraries

Output is the only company with two entries on this list. Their REV instrument is dedicated to reverse sounds and defines its category. REV is the first VST dedicated to reverse sounds, and was also the very first instrument created by Output —the only developer to get two mentions on this list.

Despite its age, REV is still wildly powerful and the only instrument of its type. The 4 separate engines—Instruments, Loops, Rises, and Timed Instruments—each include a great FX collection, both global lo-fi, rage, stack, filter, delay, reverb, and equalize and layer-based saturate, motion, drive, delay, reverb, and EQ. Each of these FX have 4 tweak able parameters and each layer has its own tempo-synced stutter FX for volume and pitch, as well as filter and envelope controls.

Each sample here has multiple velocities and is equal in length. A sample start location slider has been included as well. Each of these sounds has 4 types: Dry, Wet samples with reverb added before they were flippedPads continuous looped padsand Forward.

The only major difference is that the sample length is dictated by note length, instead of being controlled freely. The note length slider has 3 positions: Whole note, half note, and quarter note. In this mode, sounds will swell at this rate, synced to the tempo of the DAW.

What are the Best String Libraries of 2019?

Output continues to be a master of organization by laying out each bank across the keyboard by complexity. The most simple loops are to the left and the most complex are to the right.

Lastly, a useful three-position playback slider adjusts speed with regular, half, and double as the options. Simply pick length, a playback speed and whether you want a tail or abrupt ending, and REV will create a perfect rise to match the tempo of your production. Between these four engines, Output has created a tremendously unique and powerful instrument that covers all your reverse effects needs.

As to be expected from this company, a massive variety of options are packaged in an extremely simple, powerful, and easy-to-navigate layout. I implore everyone to try this out to see where it can fit into your process.

Cinematic guitars stretches the boundaries of the instrument to create a truly unique virtual instrument. Sample Logic provides a massive collection of massive sounds with Infinityand it includes all of the patches from Cinematic Guitars 1, Cinematic Guitars 2, and the latest CG3.

Within these categories are well-titled subcategories, making it easy for to navigate the nearly endless options here. But Infinity also includes an additional sub-category: Loops.Native Instruments Kontakt is one of the most popular music production software samplers.

There are plenty of commercial libraries for it, but in the following article, I will present you with a list of the best free Kontakt libraries, covering a wide range of types. This piano instrument mainly concentrates on the lower range, with sustains and staccatos, which make it perfect for dramatic passages or experimental productions.

The samples were compressed to have a total size of under MB. John, John Lennon, Terry Riley, and other similar artists. VS Upright No. Zvenigorod is a small USSR toy piano with a unique sound that resembles a xylophone. You can use it in the main melody or in the background of your tracks.

It contains 1 instrument with 10 presets. Piano in is one of the best free Kontakt libraries on the internet. You get high-quality recordings and deep sampling five dynamic levels, two round robins, and separate pedal on and off samples packed in a simple and intuitive GUI. Ensemblia is just one of the free Kontakt libraries by Cinematique Instruments, bringing the sound of a modern chamber orchestra. Ensemblia is suitable for any musical project that requires organic and truly natural music, for example, pop, RnB, but also orchestral hip-hop and cinematic.

It features a selected range of classical instruments combined with a fine mix of unique sounds. Next on our list is The Total Composure orchestra by Xtant Audio, a sample library constructed with orchestral sounds from public domain only.

It was the first to offer such a library exclusively for the Kontakt format. There are over 1, samples in this library totaling more than 1. Sonatina Symphony Orchestra for Kontakt is another Kontakt library project based on public domain samples. It contains the samples recorded by Mattias Westlund plus some extra sounds by the same author.

Each instrument has all articulations included in a single Kontakt patch. The Stroh Violin is a self-amplified variation on the classic violin design with a resonating metal body and horn. Impact Soundworks have sampled it with three custom-mapped articulations and a rhythmic sequencer. The Kontakt instrument looks and sounds amazing. E-Ukulele free is a sampled Les Paul model electronic ukulele from Epiphone. Started as a personal project, now is available to the public for free download.

All the samples in E-Ukulele are mixed totally dry, so you have total freedom of spatial placement and the role E-Ukulele plays in your production like a melodic or background instrument. Etherealwinds Harp free Kontakt instrument is the virtual replica of a diatonic, string lap harp recorded by the Newgrounds musician Etherealwinds.

The main characteristic of this type of instrument is the Lap harps, which are smaller and have approximately half the strings of a standard concert harp. Like the full libraries, it is recorded stereo with microphones and it has round-robin for alternate notes, full sustain, natural decay. The pocketBlakus Cello consists of two instrument patches — a legato for long sustained notes and a spiccato for short notes. The sounds were recorded dry so you can add your own reverb to give the cello your feel.This is not a complete list of free kontakt libraries or kontakt instruments, its simply a curated list of my favorites.

They get plenty of burn in my production projects at least, some may even be slept on. So here they are, in table form for your viewing pleasure:. Interested in getting free vst plugins, industry news, and music production deals directly to your inbox? Then subscribe to our newsletter community below! The idea is to layer up to 3 sounds and adjust the plethora of parameters to create your own sound.

Your new custom preset can then be saved. This developer has been around for quite some time and continues to offer a generous amount of extraordinary free and premium kontakt libraries.

Recently they stepped their game up even further by designing their own Kontakt instrument, 16PAD. There is also a simple on board step sequencer with controls for Volume, Tune and an Assignable Parameter per pad. The pads can be selected via MIDI and can be colorized individually.

The channel mixer can be viewed by clicking the MIXER button to the bottom left of the step sequencer.

top kontakt libraries

I would have liked to have had the ability to load my own samples and have darker more pronounced colors on the pads, but this is a very nice instrument nonetheless. Big up to HS! There is only 1 knob on each interface, low velocity triggers major chords, and high velocity triggers minor chords.

On Sustained String Chords, you can control the dynamics with the mod wheel and mix sustain and tremolo chords. On both libraries, you can play low, mid, and high strings separately or play huge chords altogether.

The interface is simple and the design straight forward. It comes with 18 otherwordly patches and you are free to create and save your own custom patches. Just released a few days ago, NS Drum kicks pun intended in with a well-crafted and high quality sounding acoustic kit. Not only does the library sound great, but it offers the ability to really customize your drum sound with a nice set of sensible parameters: Pan, Tune, Room micAttack, Hold and Decay.

There are a good number of presets for each of the 6 drum sounds represented in the intuitive interface: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, Tom, Ride and Crash. NS Drums J also boasts I very high level of detail as there are no less than 27 layers per instrumentso you will be able to dial in just about any acoustic kit sound you like. It also offers trombones, vocals and drums, as well custom made libraries, which are of course, not for free. They are sure to inspire. Tell me what you think. Remember Me.

Lost your password?Manufacturer link to this product. It was recorded with uncompromising engineering precision and then hand-edited and carefully balanced to achieve a new benchmark in quality and playability. The Hyperion String ensemble has a forward and robust sound unlike any other. It has a strong tone and wide dynamic range that can be shaped to fit any genre or style. It can also be used to fatten and layer with other strings to create massive arrangements.

The Master presets include a broad selection of fundamental articulations, each with their own range of customizable real-time performance options, key-switch and mapping options, handy auto-functions, apregiators, FX and performance tools. These master presets allow you to blend and switch effortlessly vibrato, non-vibrato and tremolo sustains, a variety of short bow strokes and naturally dynamic tempo-based expressions, effects, rhythmic patterns, runs and sequences.

The Best Kontakt Libraries in 2017 - 131 Free & Premium Downloads

Tina Guo Vol 2 Cinesamples. Tina Guo vol. The legato in vol. Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra Sonic Scores. Amadeus Symphonic Orchestra covers all the essentials of the orchestra, including — strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards, guitars and more. Everything you need for creating quick sketches, orchestra, film, and game scores, is at your finger tips. The library has carefully been engineered to load fast and provide authentic sounding instruments, allowing you to create incredible realistic scores.

Strezov Sampling are proud to release "Afflatus Chapter I Strings" - the first instalment in the new "Afflatus" series - inspired by film and classical music icons and based on authentic musician performance.

Thoroughly researched, this melody-making library resurrects the actual microphones and the forgotten trumpet techniques that gave these scores such unique color, tutti, and magnificence. Nyckelharpas Soniccouture. Familiar yet somehow different, the sound of the Nyckelharpa walks a delicate line.

Ancient and totally modern. Rhythmic Textures Heavyocity media. There's a subtle and certain magic that occurs when the right miss and the right preamps, in the right room, capture bow meeting string in just the right way. Heavyocity's goal, when developing Rhythmic Textures, was to capture that magic. Rhythmic Textures is the moving, expressive counterpart to 's Intimate Textures - focused on delivering carefully and deliberately-crafted rhythmic elements, played together in intimate chamber string ensembles.

From cellos layering sul pont tremolos over swells, to violin staccatos played over col legion tapping, Rhythmic Textures delivers 16 truly unique ensemble articulations, production-ready for your next score. Now available at Heavyocity.Join us now!

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I'm a big fan of Chris Hein Horns Vol. Though one must admit what I have heard from East West puts them number one in my book. Not sure about the top 10, but Native Instruments themselves have been putting out a ton of libraries lately, which all sound good Get Sonar 8 Power - Today!

I guess I should have reworded it. The best Library makers!! I meant all of their libraries. I didn't mention the other obvious choice.

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